Mecha Wolf created hand painted one of a kind Kanji (2500 of them to be exact!) that went into every Limited Edition boxed copy of the game. We also provided the same kind of insight, traction and viral giveaway support as STRAFE but this time we did it with a lot more weiner jokes. Ya know, because the character is named Lo Wang, you gotta.











Who doesn’t like punching people? Probably normal, sane, boring people. Those people suck. So we created a one of a kind Playstation with a scene from Absolver painted right onto it, and gave that sucked away to someone else who likes punching people! We like giving the people what they want.






When a rampant AI takes over society, we’re all totally doomed! Or it’s just a viral marketing campaign launched by Mecha Wolf in support of the amazing hacker-centric masterpiece, Code 7. We worked with Kevin and Zein to launch the game with a viral campaign and create hacker kits for for EU press.






Provided 90’s targeted insights of awesome that enabled us to travel back in time and create a campaign based mostly around the ‘tude of late 90’s PC gaming advertisements. See 3DFX old school ads for an idea of the kind of vibe we created. This enabled us to tap into the nostalgic gaming culture that has taken over the internet and drive huge engagement numbers.

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